Witch Watch Films

I grew up in Waltham, Massachusetts, as did my dad. Waltham was home to the innovative Waltham Watch Company which made world-renowned, high quality watches for 100 years. So the city’s nickname became The Watch City. My mom grew up in Salem, Massachusetts. At the end of the 17th century, mass hysteria led to the infamous Salem Witch Trials which resulted the execution of several convicted "witches" and the imprisonment of many others. So Salem earned the nickname of The Witch City. Witch Watch Films is named for these two beautiful, historic cities where my parents grew up. Our mission is to create and promote high quality art and entertainment. The photo to the left is of the Waltham Watch Factory building in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Kindness Poster-4-small.jpg

“Kindness of Strangers”

Our first production was a short film entitled “Kindness of Strangers” and was based on a one-act play by Los Angeles-based writer Dean Donofrio.

The film starred myself, Jonathan Bray and Sunny Doench.

The film was directed by Aaron Garcia.

I was one of the co-producers and I designed the poster shown here.